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Walk Away

Throw down the gauntlet,
choose your weapons.
Hurl them, watch them hit their mark
with deadly accuracy.

Move in for the kill,
Sharpen your tongue.
Shred him to tatters,
reduce him to dust.

Walk away, 
satisfied that you've won again,
destroyed your opponent.

Walk away from the wreckage 
with your head held high,
down that path to your future-
Alone with your pride.

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After Decisive Victory...

After certain victory, uncertain peace; a fractured future.

Beautifully captured.

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There's a wise lesson in

There's a wise lesson in that.  Thank you for sharing it.  I love the subtlety of your poem.  It took you just one well-laced word ("alone") to convey the power of the message.  Brilliant.

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Ron, Thanks for commenting.


Thanks for commenting. Sometimes the emotions bring forth the right words at the perfect time.


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Katherine, Thanks for your


Thanks for your kind words. This poem was brought forth while writing in my journal late last night. I am always in awe of the process. Especially when the words appear almost a fast as you can move the pen across the page.