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The Power of Words

Words hold power for me.

My power words.

The words that help to shape and define me, when I am searching for meaning in my life.

Words like:

RESILIENCE         Bittersweet        JOY         FIERY

Grace               BRAVE           TRUTH             Freedom

Trust             BELIEVE            Protect                     LOVE

WONDER           Simplicity           Peace       Transform

              LIFE                 Strength              CREATE             Beauty     

The Power of Words- what words shape and inspire you?

© annettealaine-2012

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Must (part of my name)

Forever (helps me escape the mundane)

Names of friends (they keep popping into my thoughts and that seems to empower me in odd ways)

And the word that seems most appropriate to writers - - Persistence

Bumfuzzle ( a funny one)

Transmogrify (must be some sort of academic muse sitting on my shoulder)

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Bob, I love bumfuzzle! Thanks


I love bumfuzzle!

Thanks for stopping by.