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The Day Before the Last Day of School

I am so tired of thinking, answering questions, making decisions;
I don't want to make any decisions or answer any questions beyond,
"do you want more coffee?"

The fatigue is bone deep, and my brain is fried.
When I'm sleeping I'm dreaming about work,
graduations, kids, jobs, money, and being trapped in a cave with things I hate.

I am cranky, I've got a hair trigger temper.
I'm snapping at the slightest annoyance-
how difficult can it be to replace the paper products in our restrooms?

I crave silence,  I want peace and quiet.
I want to lie in bed and burrow under the covers.

I want to sit and drink coffee, slowly,
while reading the paper-
not skimming the headlines while gulping down joe.

I want to sit on my porch and read lots and lots of books,
and write, write, write.

I need to recharge, renew, recalibrate, rejuvenate.

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Hi Annette, That happens to

Hi Annette, That happens to me too sometimes when things aren't right inside. I too get cranky and snappy. I used to have certain jobs that I had trouble mentally leaving at work, dreaming and worrying about deadlines and issues. It's difficult to turn off when so much of ourselves are invested in our jobs. I feel for you. I truly hope you are able to find the quiet time you need to recharge. And I also hope you are able to carve chunks of time into your schedule for those quiet activities that feed the soul.

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Hope the off button and reset switch is found, Annette

Boy, I feel your exhaustion, Annette, as I've followed your school year and work efforts to this climax, or is this the denouement?

I have the same issue, too. I struggle to enter the vacation zone or even find the time off mode. Walking slow -- I think it's called 'strolling' -- is difficult. I'm object oriented. Where am I going? What am I doing? Where is it? Let's go, let's get there, let's do it. Today, vacation day 5, off work for the seventh day, I finally reset my settings and achieved it, and it's back to work Monday.

Your last line is my mantra -- "recharge, renew, recalibrate, rejuvenate." But my first word is heal.

Thanks for a terrific post.  Enjoy your down time. Cheers

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Rebbecca, It's been a hectic


It's been a hectic few weeks at home and at school, and I think that is why I am craving some silence to recharge. Normally home is the quiet escape, but with all three of my peeps at home and every weekend chock full of activities and events. 

I plan to relax as much as possible this summer!

Thanks for stopping by,


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Michael, As you've read all


As you've read all year, this job is great in theory and infinitely taxing in reality. The last couple of weeks brought the reality check that I can't seem to move out of this current position.

I also found out that the extra responsibilities that I was asked to take on last summer were not for the compensation that I was promised. 

So yes, I need a break. I can continue to do this job because there are people who rely on me. I will release all of tensions and disappointment and embrace my mantra.

Glad to hear you've had time to recharge as well. I know that your situation has been equally frustrating.