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The Call

The Call – you feel that your current life is not enough. You feel restless, dissatisfied. A crisis or series of crises may crop up, forcing you to reexamine your priorities and life path.

from "The Hero's Journey

The call came when I was in my late thirties. I was a stay-at-home mom for a number of years following a ten year career as a teacher. I had loved my job-both the students and the teachers. The plan was to take one year off to stay home with my new baby and four year old. One year stretched into six as my then husband was transferred to a new location every two years.

I loved raising my children, and my days were full. I had cleaned and painted every room, created a scrapbook for each child. My linen closet was color coded, and the garden flourished. 

But it wasn't enough. My brain spun around in circles. I had so much mental energy that needed an outlet. I was lonely in each new city. My husband was married to his work, and my best friends were the cashiers and bag boys at the local supermarket. 

So I began to write. Writing was a way to record the soul scream that welled up within me. I bought a journal and poured out all of the feelings and musings; the frustrations and loneliness.

For the next few years my journals were my only refuge from the pain of loneliness and isolation I had begun to feel within in marriage. That soul scream grew louder until it leapt off the page and forced me to act.

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Reading your post reminds me

Reading your post reminds me of my own journey that started in my late thirties too!  I'm a few years short of turning 50 and I have to admit that this is a really good year for me within the 40 something stretch.  Outside circumstances made me so much more aware of what matters most for me and as I close in on 50, fingers crossed it will be another new and exciting journey!

I'm following your queue!  :-)

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And So It Begins

Yeah, I have a stack of those journals.  I'm working on one of them now.  when it's full, I'll start another. Journaling is crucial, even if your soul isn't screaming.

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Annette, I enjoyed reading

Annette, I enjoyed reading about your experience. It makes me also think about how humans are creatures that need to have ‘meaning’ in their lives. We’re meaning makers. As you’ve pointed out and demonstrated and why there is a Red Room and other writing forums is that writing seems to be one way in which we can create that meaning. First we may write for ourselves and then there is a rush of good feelings when someone can relate, add their ‘meaning,’—add a little piece of themselves, or be inspired. I feel like writing in my journals saved me, saved my soul. It was also liberating when I posted at Red Room for the very first time because not only was I shy in person, but also shy on paper. I’ve not only been able to watch myself go through a metamorphosis through my journals, but have felt the growth through posting in a more public forum. It all meshes well with my quiet side.

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Rebbecca, You have described


You have described my sudden desire to be heard on another level. Joining Red Room and putting myself out there was a great act of courage. I am intensely private, and yet I have felt a growing urge to blog. Interacting with other like minded people here in Red Room has been a joyous experience. As you said, it give me a rush of good feeling when someone relates to my writing.