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The Art of Detachment

The art of detachment served me well today.

It was the first day of school- always stressful for teachers, but made worse when the school is still struggling to find its footing.

The procedures were in place, and my role well-defined. I stayed at my post answering questions, and point both students and parents in the right direction.

The a/c was acting wonky, but I just kept working in my room, hoping it would eventually cool down. It was eventually fixed.

The IT guy and I shared some laughs as my computer refused to obey his commands. He gave me all the powers of the technology universe, and the damn thing still refused to obey. We threw up our hands in frustration, and celebrated a small victory- the printer and computer were now talking to each other again.

The skies in North Florida decided to take a page from Southeast Asia and mimic a typhoon at dismissal time. Torrential rains, howling winds, booming thunder, and bright bolts of lightning came at us as we tried to put children into cars, buses, and vans.

Chaos and confusion reigned, and through it all I dealt with frustrated bus drivers, frantic parents, and frightened children with a zen-like calm, that comes from detachment.

I didn't own anyone else's emotions, reactions, or problems. I left work tired, but energized, not frayed and worn out.

I am going to work on keeping the detachment and zen-like calm, for at least tomorrow.

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Nice Annette!  the Art of

Nice Annette!  the Art of Detachment - I sure could use this art form in other aspects of my daily life! :-)

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Healthy attitude Annette.

Healthy attitude Annette. There are days when I think I just don't have any more room in my head! Happy Semester. m

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The dharma of Impermanence

Nothing lasts.

What we fear, what we love, what we think we think or think we see or feel... is all illusion; it will not last. Do not cling to it.

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Ron, I love that sentiment.


I love that sentiment. It's now going on my wall.

Thanks for stopping by,


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Taste the small victory,

Remember its flavor and fortify your detachment, should it ever begin to fray. Look out the windows and think of a beach, recall your mantra and the detachment will return. And then press print.

It's all so easy, right? Thanks for a great post. Cheers

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Rina, Thanks for the


Thanks for the reminder- I need to keep this going no matter where I am!


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Mary, Today I felt like I was


Today I felt like I was walking around in circles. Some days I am truly spinning wheels, yet somehow something gets done!

Thanks for stopping by,


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Michael, I know that sometime


I know that sometime next spring I'm going to be looking out at the playground wishing I was sitting on a beach with a cool drink.

I just hope there are more days of peace than unrest this year.

Thanks for stopping by,