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Small Stones Day 5-6: Like a Rock

Fog, throws a veil over the trees 
and muffles the sounds of the morning,
but does not quiet the chatter in my head.

Last night my husband described me as a strong woman. I think that is an apt description.

I am thankful that I do not fall apart when a crisis hits, especially when it comes to my kids. They rely on me to be their rock. My calm strength keeps them feeling safe, and that's my goal.

This is the first real test of our new roles post divorce. My son has been hospitalized and although he is technically an adult, he still needs his parents to help him deal with the doctors, nurses, and the diagnosis.
My son and I have worked through years of doctor's visits, daily doses of various medications, middle of the night ear infections and long waits at the pediatric clinic for x-rays and allergy skin tests.

So, it is not surprising that he is leaning heavily on me to help him through this latest health issue. He and I think and process information the same way. When the doctor speaks in medical mumbo-jumbo, I break it down into visualizations to help my son understand what he is saying.

The change this time around is that there is someone looking out for me. My husband has made sure I take breaks, I get something to eat, and that I have time to process all the conflicting emotions. I can break down in front of him, tell him my fears and he is there for me.

I am grateful to have someone to watch over me, while I watch over my son.

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The mind (mine, anyway) is all too often a monkeychatter cacophany, difficult to still at best and impossible to overcome on occasion.

Oh, for the stillness of fog.

I'm enjoying your stony journey.