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Small Stones Day 29: A Simple Life

A simple life. 

I think the secret to a simpler life is to take time to be present in the moment. We rush around running from activity to activity. It's rush, rush, rush till we are worn out and frazzled. 

We are quick to provide a laundry list of annoyances- we can all recite the things that drive us mad, but how often do we stop and think of our favorite things- the ones that bring a contented sigh, or a smile to our face?

 I've decided to create a list of things I love. It's my intention to add to this list and, more importantly, to become more aware of these favorite things. To slow down and to enjoy each one of them fully. 

Here is a partial list I came up with this morning to get me started:

- cooking. The art of slowly putting together ingredients and filling the house with delicious smells.

- lying in bed late at night talking softly with my lover

- the milky sweet smell of a baby

- a dark night sky filled with stars

- a kitty cat curled up in my lap purring

- a really delicious piece of chocolate

- the warmth of my husband's body spooned close to me on a cold night

- fresh lemonade

- the heartbreaking beauty of music

- the smell of a christmas tree

- fresh cut grass

- ice cream!

- bubble baths

- fireflies

- fresh snow

- getting totally lost in a good book

- curtains billowing in the window

- clean sheets

I invite you to think of your own list- tack it up in a place where you can see it and when one of these special moments comes along- stop! Take it all in! When you come across another favorite, add it to your list. My goal is to have more favorites moments than petty annoyances by the end of the year.