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Scar Tissue

What I thought was an old wound,

completely healed,

a bit of scar tissue,

was only an illusion:

for you made a perfect incision

along the silvery thread

and tried once more

to steal my soul.

© annettealaine-2013

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Annette,    Love this...scars


   Love this...scars can be sliced openly so easily to hurt again.  This reminds me a bit of Beth McIntosh's song, "Normal People." I don't know if the lyrics can be found online, but well worth the search. If not, let me know and I have the CD of it.  ~nan

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Sounds so hurtful, but your imagery is gorgeous.


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Nan, I'm going to look that


I'm going to look that song up tomorrow. Friday's I can crank on some music at work when no one is around.

Thanks for the suggestion and for reading. 


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Thank you Eva!  So many times

Thank you Eva! 

So many times my best imagery comes from a painful experience.


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Silvery slivers, Annette.

Silvery slivers, Annette. Lovely post - concise but wide open. mx

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Lovely, Annette. 

Lovely, Annette. 

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Ouch.  Something shuddered in

Ouch.  Something shuddered in me as I read it.  Your poems are always so vivid, Annette.