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Reflections on October

It's a beautiful Sunday and I am relishing the cool weather. Opened windows~

curtains billowing in and out. I love hearing the sounds of nature in my yard. Too many  

months of sealed windows, and the stale scent of air conditioning. 

October went by so quickly, and so slowly. October was a month of re-assessment, and

further introspection. 

Autumn reminds me that time is fleeting, and each year goes by in the blink of an eye.

Decisions made this past month have brought further stability that has been in the works for 

the past eleven months. I've been purging and cleaning since the boys (young men) moved 

out in August. 

I've made small decisions that would were not earth shattering, but brought me new


I get up Sundays and go to yoga. I love the way my muscles feel like warm, stretched taffy

afterwards. I go to the gym with my daughter a few days a week, or we power walk in our

neighborhood. I took the Mindful Writing Challenge again, and produce one small stone of

poetry a day. And I  am going to sing in a choir ~ at my husband's premiere  of his

Advent Cantata.  We aim to make joyful noise, indeed. 

As we rush headlong into November, I have much to be thankful for: my kids, and their

continued blossoming into awesome young adults, my husband and our second chance at

love, and for the gift of every single day.

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Beautiful reflections,

Beautiful reflections, Annette. It sounds like there are some wonderful transitions going on in your life.

I can't believe that we are nearing the end of the year...I have been thinking about all that I am grateful for too lately. This time of year always invites introspection and quiet. I love that.


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Thanks, Rebb. I have been

Thanks, Rebb.

I have been quite reflective the last month. I believe you are correct. The change of the seasons, the rapidly approaching end of the year~ all bring so much to the surface of my consciousness.