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Someone posted a comment on Facebook this morning stating that everyone has become a philosopher and no one posts an original idea anymore. I had to stop and think about that a while.

Was this person implying that posting quotes is a cop-out for coming up with something original? If that's true then I am guilty as charged, but in my defense I can blame it on some of the more innocuous things I have seen posted.

Post's like: "I'm trying to decide if I want to wash my hair with cherry blossom or coconut milk shampoo, or "My cat just barfed up the strangest looking hairball!" " After reading seven or eight posts about, "Mindy C is at the Dive Diner with Chelsea B.," I got the idea that people would rather be inspired by a good quote than read about how I had to clean the bathrooms this morning.

I know that Facebook is a public forum and people can post whatever they want on their walls- be it snarky comments designed to piss off their significant other, a re-post of a long dismissed urban legend or to ask for wood for their barn and that's their right as much as it's my right to scroll on through, but I have many friends, and yes almost all of my Facebook pals are people I actually KNOW, who write some beautiful, thought provoking stuff.

So maybe I just have a lot of friends who are naturally witty and think outside the box, but I also enjoy a good quote, whether posted by me or someone else. And judging by the comments I see, most of my friends enjoy them too. 

I'll keep mixing it up, and you keep on posting your original thoughts- there's often a lot of deep thinking going on while cleaning a bathroom!

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I couldn't resist . . .

"Life is denied by lack of attention, whether it be to cleaning windows or trying to write a masterpiece." - Nadia Boulanger

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I'm with you. I'd rather

I'm with you. I'd rather read an inspiring quote than learn that my friend is trying to decide between paper or plastic.