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Of Pantyhose and other Fashion Trends...

Stop the presses~ It was reported that Kate Middleton was seen wearing PANTYHOSE on her recent trip to North America. Fashion magazines and those who follow hot trends tell us that women in Great Britain are suddenly buying more pantyhose.

There has been a debate about pantyhose for quite a while, but I was under the rock called motherhood and didn't emerge until the next generation began to wear heels and skirts, and black eyeliner became de rigor. 

Young women have not embraced pantyhose. They see nothing wrong with wearing a pencil skirt, beautiful blouse, high heeled pumps and... bare legs. It looks unpolished to me, but I guess each generation rejects what our mother's believed was a fashion law. 

Remember when a woman did not go out of the house without a hat and gloves? How about the girdle? Women who did not need a girdle wore one in order to create smooth lines. 

We rejected those fashion must-haves and created a whole new way of dressing. And now what goes around in fashion either dies a final death, like the bustle, or it comes around again, usually updated (think spanx.)

I grew up in the age of Legg's pantyhose. My mother wore nylons, her mother wore silk stockings, and my daughter? Who knows? Maybe they will invent something that will create a sheer flattering legwithout having to wrestle on the pantyhose.

In the meantime, I will continue to pull on the pantyhose when I need to look polished and grown up.