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My Favorite Photo



This is one of my favorite photos. Sometimes what you see with your eye is tranferred perfectly on the page. I often see something that becomes "framed" in my eye, but don't have my camera close at hand to actually take a picture. 

On this trip to Charleston, South Carolina, my husband's hometown, he was eager to show me all of the sites. We dutifully toured the official sites, but we also walked around the neighborhoods that are off the beaten path. I have always loved looking at individual houses discovering their secrets behind the fences and stately facades.

This garden was behind a black iron ornamental fence.  The walls are bathed in sunlight and shadows, the path is dappled in the December sunlight. This photo has become my screen saver because it fills me with peace. It reminds me of that lovely day, and of the promise we made to each other to one day return to this beautiful place permanently.