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More Summer Memories

More Summer MemoriesWhen I think of the summers of my childhood, the long evenings after dinner come to mind. There was something magical about that time of day. 

The sun began to loosen its steamy grip on the earth as it slowly became a large orange ball in the western sky. Birds sang their goodnight songs and twittered sleepily from the trees. A chorus of cicada's wound down to silence as our own voices lowered in respect for the gathering darkness.

We put away our bikes and jump ropes and gathered on someones front lawn to discuss our options. Would we play freeze tag? Are there enough kids to get a game of hide and seek organized? Perhaps we will play Red Rover, or better yet, let's catch fireflies.

Everyone scattered and screen doors slammed as we tore through the house to ask Mom for an empty glass jar. We grabbed a big nail and hammer and punched holes in the lid. Then we met up again with the other kids and sat to wait for darkness to fall, and the fireflies to appear. 

Fireflies are slow moving, so it is easy to catch one in your cupped hands. It was fun to peek through your fingers and watch the little bug light up your clasped hands. 

Into the jar they went: one, two, three and sometimes many more until the whole jar was bright with twinkling lights. And then the sound we all dreaded- Mom's voice calling from the screen door to come inside. With great reluctance, we slowly open our jars to release the fireflies back into the night sky.

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We Musta Been Neighbors...

Many of us still recall these idyllic evenings. I'm hoping that there are still lots of places where this is played out nightly, but fear that more and more frequently the flicker of fireflies is being replaced by the glow of the Facebook screen. I hope I'm wrong.

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I couldn't agree more, Ron. All we can do is impact on those children and parents who we know, reminding them of nature's shimmering beauty and afterglow. This is an essential task of the writers, poets and artists of the world. To somehow try to capture this in word and image.  Cheers, Cindy

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A magical moment

I really enjoyed reading this reminiscence, of those seemingly long summer evenings of childhood. I too have written a short piece about fireflies, but the first time I encountered them was as an adult, in a very different setting. You are most welcome to read it at http://cinova.wordpress.com/2011/02/02/fireflies/
Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Cheers, Cindy

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Magical Moment

Thank you for your kind words Cindy. Thanks for sharing your piece with me. I enjoyed reading about your experience with fireflies.

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Thanks Ron for the kind words.
My own children had many good memories of spending days outdoors and evenings playing until the streetlights came on. I made it so because I feared that they would never appreciate the wonder of nature unless I shared my stories and we created new adventures with them. Sadly, too many kids today seem to lack the imagination to go outside and play.