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More Musings on Writing

More insights and great advice gleaned from last week's writer's conference:

There is no such thing as a writing teacher. There are people who can teach you, to teach yourself how to write.

The presenter, author Steve Berry was making the point that no one can truly teach you how to write beyond the basics. A good teacher shows you how to teach yourself through trial and error. Which leads to the next bit of advice-

~You must find your own style, your own voice.

That seems obvious to most of us, but too many writers copy their favorite author's style, or follow the style formula for a particular genre. Over time, you need to find your own unique writing style. I think writing has become easier for me since discovering my unique voice.

Once you find your voice, the next part makes sense:

~ You can only compare you to you.

I've been blogging for three years, and over time my unique voice has developed. I am now comfortable in my writer's skin. When I write, I am asking myself, is this truly expressing who I am as a writer? Is is up to par with my other pieces?  In other words, I am critiquing myself using my previous work as my yardstick.

My ability to self -critique took time to develop.  I had to set my insecurities, and a fair bit of ego aside in order to criticize my work.  The result is a more confident style that continues to evolve.

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All very appropriate advice,

All very appropriate advice, Annette.  Thank you.  Especially the part about finding your own voice.

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Katherine,  Thanks for


Thanks for reading. Indeed, finding your own voice is so very important.