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Little Bear's Friend

Maurice Sendak has died.

Adults are posting tributes and heaping praise on the talented author, but the real measure of his success was how many children cherished his books and characters.

My own children enjoyed the cautionary tales, Pierre, I Don't Care, and No Fighting, No Biting. But the character they adored was Little Bear.

Little Bear was real, his emotions rang true. He was a bear, but he wanted to fly to the moon just like my own little boys. Little Bear and his friends, Cat, Owl, Duck and Hen went on as many adventures as their collective imaginations would take them.

My son Keith liked to pretend he was Little Bear and I was Mother Bear. Throughout the day, while his older brother was away at school, we would play act and talk to each other in "Little Bear Speak."

As I read the many tributes to Maurice Sendak today one rang true:

"But as long as someone, somewhere still reads his books to the children they love, he lives on in the children's laughter and wonder."