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Life on the River

Took a walk this afternoon,

down to the waterfront.

The river was smooth as glass.

As water lapped gently against the shore

I watched two ducks glide by together in perfect unity-

their movements synchronized,

making it look so easy and serene.

But beneath the surface,

webbed feet are frantically paddling.


We often look at someone

and marvel how they stay so calm in the face of life's struggles,

when underneath they are desperately trying to stay afloat-

just like the rest of us.

© annettealaine-2013

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So true

This was so charming and, wow, so true.  I loved the photo too.  Thanks!

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Nice one Annette!  Grace

Nice one Annette!  Grace under pressure :-)

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A wonderful poem,

A wonderful poem, Annette...and so true.  But then don't most good poems tell the truth?  Best wishes in 2013. I hope you share many more this year. ~nan


As an aside, my husband and I walked down to the lakeshore.  Two Canada geese were flying in and landed in perfect synchronicity with each other (much like your ducks swimming along together).