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walking up a long, long hill.

You can't see the top,

you often can't even see the path before you.


You trip,

you stumble,

you fall.

Your feet hurt,

your heart aches,

and your down in the dumps.


You sit and curse the darkness,

your aloneness,

and your lack of faith.


Once in a while the sky clears,

and you can see the shining peak

slowly filling your vision.


You are renewed,

refreshed and recharged.

You stride forth with renewed purpose.

It's all going to change

when you reach the top.


And then you are there,

standing at the peak,

taking it all in.

You spin around,

giddy with joy-


And then you stumble,

free fall and tumble

down the other side.


Back at the beginning,

or just starting over again?

© annettealaine-2013