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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I spent my summer vacation...

Do you remember having to write that essay on the first day of school? 

I spent my vacation rediscovering the joy of writing. Writing makes me so happy. For as long as I can remember ideas and thoughts have bounced around in my brain like the old Pong game. They take up so much space I have no choice but to sit down and write. 

My mind is often going faster than my hand, but I scribble furiously. In a few minutes I feel calmer, and my breathing slows as the words pour out. Journaling often leads to my blog entry.

The other day I was trying to describe this process to someone, but it was difficult. Then I remembered the pensieve described in Harry Potter. Dumbledore's device extracted memories that could later be relived by immersing your head in the pensieve. I always felt thatJ.K. Rowling was giving us the perfect description of the writing process. 

We carefully pull memories of what we have seen, heard, experienced or imagined and we put it down on a page. If we do it well, someone else can dive into your writing and relive the moment. 

I can go back and read old journals of mine and be transported back to that time, that place. It is magical; it's sometimes painful, but there is a joy within that pain. I'm thrilled that I was able to capture a memory with clarity. 

This summer vacation I found my voice, and I found myself.