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Head Cold

I've set my pen to paper,

I've sat before the screen, watching the blinking cursor.

A reproach, for idleness.

My head is full of cold germs, 

shoving all creative thought out of the way.


Days after day

the running nose and stuffy head-

keep those imaginative thoughts at bay.



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Hi Annette, Hope your head

Hi Annette,

Hope your head has emptied,
begun to fill with thoughts
that make the blinking cursor
speed down the page with patterns
and images that clear the way.

: )

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I know that blinking cursor,

I know that blinking cursor, Annette. It is like an alarm bell that never ceases. Haunting image. Get better. m

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Rebbecca, It's been three


It's been three weeks of sore throat, dry cough and sniffles. I've had two bouts of a UTI, and to top off my week, three suspicious moles removed for biopsy.

I hope that my writer's block will lift along with the slowly improving health.

Thanks for stopping by,


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Mary, It struck me the other


It struck me the other night that the cursor is very annoying when you are hit with writer's block. 

Perhaps my dry spell will lift after the writer's conference next week. I'll let you know!