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Happy Place

Hmm, happy place today? Each day I try to find one thing that takes me out of the mundane, and brings me a  moment of sheer bliss.

I had to drive out to the church to use their fax machine. As I got out of my car, I caught a  brief glimpse of the river sparkling in the bright sunlight. I paused in the parking lot to fill my senses with the peace and beauty that surrounded me.

The wide expanse of the river, a bit choppy as the wind brushed against the surface of the water. Spanish moss swaying in the breeze. dipped in gold from the sun.

In contrast, the sky is deep blue without one cloud to spoil its perfect watercolor tint. The breeze whispered through the massive oaks' leaves, but in the pauses one only heard the lap of the water on the shore.

I wanted to walk down to the bench on the hill and just sit. To breathe deeply and be in this moment. Instead, I got in my car and drove home.

© annettealaine-2012

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Annette, I'm happy to enter

Annette, I'm happy to enter your happy place, especially now. I needed this. I'm so glad you captured it. It's a calming, beautiful moment.

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I love this, Annette.

I love this, Annette. Especially the ending. Inevitable. m