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I made grits tonight- for myself.  I ate two helpings.

Why am I writing about grits?

Because my experience with grits reminds me of a life lesson.

Let me begin at the beginning.

When I moved to the deep South thirty-six years ago, I encountered a lot of new food choices.

Frog's legs, gator tail, crawfish, collard greens, and grits.

I've tried them all, and some I've grown to love (collards), while others left me cold ( gator tail.)

But I stayed on the fence with grits.

I avoided them at breakfast for years.

Grits or Homefries?

Potatoes hands down.

Then, I married a true Southern gentleman.

A gentleman from Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston, home of the famous southern classic:  Shrimp and Grits.

My husband loves my cooking and I love a challenge, so I have been learning all his favorite dishes:

Collards, Hoppin' John, and Grits.

I scoured the recipe sites and bought my first bag of stone ground cornmeal.

Heavy cream, milk, salt, pepper and cornmeal.

Stir and stir until they become creamy, smooth and bubbly.

After all that work, I decided it was time to try grits again.

I can't say it was love at first bite, but with each successive attempt, I've grown to like them more and more.

Tonight, after the first day at my new job, I was looking forward to dinner. Our New Year's banquet of ribs, collards, and black-eyed peas were yummy, but I wanted something more.

I was craving grits!

As I gently stirred the bubbling pot, I thought about my day.

I am starting over, again.

And the lesson?

You are never too old- to develop new tastes, try new things, or savor different experiences.

I can't wait to have grits for breakfast!

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Well, grits ~

Grits is an individual choice.  Too many people try one version and nix it.  You must try all the grit options and learn which you prefer before deciding.  I prefer thick grits with a square of butter, salt and pepper, and scrambled eggs.  Excellent!

I'm with you on gator tail. 

Keep on cookin'.  Cheers

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Thanks Michael. I agree about

Thanks Michael.

I agree about the different styles. The worse is grits boiled in water.

You need a little milkfat or those grains don't puff up enough to lose the "grit."