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Gratitude~  gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation, indebtedness, recognition, acknowledgment.

Yesterday I heard people share their gratitude at our church service. I reflected on the word and it's varied meanings.

Gratefulness for being gainfully employed, for health insurance, being able to pay the bills, and put food on the table.

Thankfulness for health, my own and my family's, for extended family, friends, and for making memories.

Appreciation for the gifts I have been given; skills, education, my writing, and being passionate about  my work and making a difference.

Indebted to my parents, for preparing me for life, to my husband for believing in me, to my bosses for taking a chance on me.

Recognition of how much my success is due to the support of those who pushed me to be my best.

Acknowledgment that the most important thing in life is not money, prestige or power- it's LOVE.

This Thanksgiving, I am filled with gratitude for my many riches.

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Amen to all Annette!  One

Amen to all Annette!  One never runs out of gratitude, appreciation, love, joy, validation all in the spirit of Thanksgiving. We should celebrate Thanksgiving and Mother's Day every day  :-)