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Free Falling

Life is journey we are told.

I believe that to be true. I also believe that at each stop along this path, we are to make the most of it. Not even a wrong turn, or a dead-end is wasted. 

My life's path was laid out straight at 18 years old. College, career, marriage, children, house in the suburbs and so on.

The universe, however, had other ideas.

Somewhere in my 40's the path began to twist and turn. At times I could not even find the road. Eventually I arrived at a precipice.  I had to take a giant leap of faith, or continue to re-trace  my steps searching desperately for the old familiar trail.

I leapt. And for the next six years I've been in a free fall. I  occasionally landed on a ledge and was able to rest for a bit before the ledge gave way, and I would be tumbling again, head over heels.

Three weeks ago, I finally landed on rock bottom. The place I've been avoiding, full of fear, clutching at wayward limbs, holding on to the edge of the cliff  afraid to let go. 

Funny thing happened when I arrived at the bottom- I discovered it was beautiful. I left the dry rocks and dust, and reached verdant pastures. 

Now I begin again. I walk along a new path, taking in the beauty that surrounds me, and remembering the lessons learned on the way down.

© annettealaine-2012