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I'm a sucker for good drama.

No, not the daily drama of middle school and teens, but a well crafted movie or tv drama.

When I was living on my own for the first time, I got pretty lonely on Saturday nights (during one of those dating dry spells.) On night, bored with reading and listening to my room mates record albums, I flipped on the little color tv in our tiny living room. I lost myself in the beginning sequence of a cop show and slowly came aware of my surroundings one hour later. I had, through serendipity and pure luck, stumbled upon the pilot episode of Hill Street Blues.

A few years later, I saw an advertisement for a show set in post-WWII, middle America. What happened to everyone when they returned from the war? Homefront, a break out show for ABC was critically acclaimed, but didn't survive past Season 2.  Even Dear Abby, (Abigail Van Buren) got involved and  urged a letter writing campaign to save the show.  Unfortunately, network execs didn't listen to the fans.

One fall I read in TV Guide about a ground breaking new medical show. It sounded intriguing so I tuned in.  A one hour pure adrenaliene rush is what I discovered in ER.
I admit I stopped watching after the original actors left the series. It was good, but not as sharp as it had been during those years with George Clooney and company.

My son came home one day and told me about a show he wanted to watch on Friday night. He was interested because it was about football. I decided to watch with him, even though I wasn't sure I wanted to watch more football!

I was wrong about the show as were so many other people who wrote Friday Night Lights off as a "show about football." It was another finely crafted series, with all of the elements I loved in a good drama: realistic storylines, well defined characters, terrific dialogue, and a killer theme song.

I was thrilled to see Kyle Chandler and Jason Katims head writer of Friday Night Lights win Emmy Awards last night for their outstanding work. Ironically, Kyle Chandler once starred in Homefront.

I cannot begrudge Mad Men for winning best drama series. I'm hooked on that show as well. After all,
who can resist a good drama?