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Declaration of Independence

Yesterday's memory inspired today's post.
 I've crafted my declaration of independence. Freedom from the stifling thoughts and the negative trolls who whisper,

"It can't happen, it can't be done." 

Be Bold:
Stop letting fear of define me. After losing my job I drew back and caution defined my actions, as if not to draw attention from the universe. I spent the last two years subconsciously anticipating another proverbial ax to fall. Now is the time to shrug off caution and step boldly into the future.


It's time to delve deeper into my imagination, and challenge myself to write more, write better, and deeper for the drive and inspiration I need to take my writing to the next level.

Live Passionately:
I want to live more passionately in all areas of my life. I have wasted a lot my passion on work, and frankly, that is futile.
Passion is a positive energy, but can dry up in a negative environment. I vow to bring all of my positive, passionate energy into my writing, my relationships,  and new adventures.

Take Risks:
This goes hand in hand with being Bold, but it deserves its own declaration. I am not by nature, a risk taker. The funny thing is, every single time I go with my gut and take the plunge, I am extremely happy with the outcome. Risk taking means trusting your intuition; to go with your gut and your heart, not just your head.

Look for Adventure:
 I vow to stop waiting for adventure to show up at my door.  I need to go find new places, be around people who challenge and inspire me, and have FUN! New adventures bring new experiences and weave a richer tapestry of life.

I'm a few weeks early, but I hereby declare my independence!

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That's fantastic, Annette -

You may have started a new annual tradition, drawing up individual Declarations of Independence. 

Great list. Happy Independence Day! 

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Here's to your exciting new tapestry, Annette.

More power to you!

All good wishes,


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Annette, It lifted my spirits

Annette, It lifted my spirits to see your list and to feel your positive energy as you begin to take control of your life. Hooray for you!

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Thanks Michael, I think you

Thanks Michael,

I think you may be on to something!


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Thanks Dolores, I do like the

Thanks Dolores,

I do like the imagery of weaving threads of imagination and new directions into a beautiful fabric!


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Rebbecca, Thanks for


Thanks for commenting. It seems, from reading your posts recently, that we are on similar paths.

I hope we continue to live bodly!