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Day Dreams

I haven't allowed my self the luxury of day-dreaming lately.
I've been so busy with everyday life, and have so much to be grateful for right this moment.
Day-dreaming of a different life seems almost like tempting fate, or sending a signal to the universe that I'm not content with my lot.

Or maybe it's just plain ordinary fear that has kept me from giving my mind free rein to dream big.

This fear is paralyzing my ability to dream. I am unable to see beyond the immediate. I want to be content to live in the moment, but I don't particularly like some of the places I where I currently reside.

So why am I unable to let my imagination run? Why am I afraid of exploring the possibilities of my wildest dreams?

Many years ago, I was similarly confined. I began to create collages as a way to dream and express those inner desires.
I created numerous collages of things that I loved. There were houses and beautiful rooms, paint swatches, cool furniture, and pictures.

One page was filled with beautiful places I wished to explore, far away and close to home. Another page was devoted to beautiful gardens filled with flowers, hammocks and my favorite; a small shed like structure that was furnished with a desk, typewriter, chair and a mason jar of wildflowers. A perfect place to write and day-dream.

Perhaps it is time to put aside the fear and begin to dream again.

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Annette, I know what you mean

Annette, I know what you mean about fears stopping us in our tracks. I like to daydream, but I tend not to wish I were somewhere else. Sometimes if I’m at work and catch myself wishing I were not, I reach back to my “child’s hat” and somehow allow myself to fall into a place of not exactly pretend, but I try to find the good in the situation, maybe even the absurdity of it as it mirrors back life.

Thank you for sharing a new approach to collage. I’ve only created a couple of collages before and I’m feeling the urge to do another geared toward some future goals and maybe even an appreciation collage to appreciate where I’m at now. Thanks for the ideas and for sharing!

The image you posted is a very nice retreat.

Yes, dream big, Annette!

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Thanks Rebbecca, I am

Thanks Rebbecca,

I am currently writing my thoughts about middle age and how I am coming to terms with this stage of my life. 

The collage idea was something that I had not thought of in years, and it is now on my summer bucket list. I find that I love the lazy days of summer, but my mind and creativity need constant stimulation.

Thanks for stopping by,