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Bloom Where You Are Planted

I usually find a mantra to begin a new year of school. The mantra I choose in  August can be amended by June.

Year One's, "I can do this" was changed to "I will survive" by year's end.

Last year I began the school year chanting, "I Got a New Attitude." By year's end I firmly believed my amended chant,  " What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger." The  year was filled with confusion, change, and total upheaval.

The other day I heard the expression, "bloom where you're planted," and I decided that this is very good advice to begin a new school year. I've learned the hard lessons of what I can control, and what is beyond my power. I can grow, and bloom in this environment if I adjust my thinking.

My "garden" is going to be cultivated in a rich soil filled with positive attitude. I will pull out the weeds of small irritations, before they choke my plants. I will water with kind treatment of myself and others, and I will allow the sunlight a job well done to help my garden bloom in a profusion of color and beauty.

This is where I've been planted. I will bloom, bloom, bloom!

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Mantra, eh?

Always good to go in with a positive attitude, I guess.   I wasn't always quite as focused as I should have been, wandered in somewhat still sun-dazed & in low gear, using the first few inservice days to acclimate, recompress, and generally reorient.

I was probably a crappy teacher.

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Great blog!

Hi Annette,

This past year you gave many of us Red Roomers some happy thoughts and ideas. You did more than just bloom, you gave us a bouquet of creativity. That might sound corny, but I am sincere.

Have a great day!

P.S. How about that Ron? He is so talented, and I love his "laugh out loud " humorous observations. 

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Your positive attitude is

Your positive attitude is contagious, Annette! I see bright moments with colorful blooms in your now’s and many today’s. 

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Ron, This is mantra is what I


This is mantra is what I strive for, but if you read any of my posts from the past year where I referred to work, you know I've missed the mark too often.

Ah, well I will aspire to greatness, and pray for at least above mediocrity!

Thanks for stopping by,


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Mary, Thanks for the


Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm trying hard to change my attitude about work, and life in general.

Thanks for stopping by,


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Rebbecca, Thanks for the


Thanks for the lovely sentiments. I will keep trying! Let's see how I feel after next week when school actually begins!


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Have a great school year, Annette,

And a great year, for matter, and even a great life. Keep on posting and sharing with us, please. Your words often help lift my dark moods.


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Thanks Michael, So far, so

Thanks Michael,

So far, so good. I got through the first week without losing my cool and kept my attitude upbeat and positive.

Here's to 36 weeks more!