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All Hallow's Eve

The darkness falls-

leaves crunch under my feet,

as the wind tosses them around the empty street.

The moon begins its ascent,

round and plump and tinged in orange,

A Halloween pumpkin in the sky.

Two cats yowl and moan

and circle each other before lunging-

twisting, biting and clawing as fur flies.

I'm distracted by a chittering sound in the air,

wings beat frantically as they take high flight,

bats swooping between the trees.

It's almost Halloween.

© annettealaine-2012

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Beautiful, Annette, and very

Beautiful, Annette, and very atmospheric.

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Annette, You’ve created a

Annette, You’ve created a wonderful mood, and your poem absolutely sings.


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You do a great job of creating a Halloween atmosphere here.  I enjoyed your poem very much, especially the cat part.  I wonder how cats came to be associated with Halloween.



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Thanks Katherine, Teaching

Thanks Katherine,

Teaching descriptive paragraph writing this week inspired me this poem.


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Rebbecca, I appreciate your


I appreciate your high praise. This one was really fun to write. One of those times where the words can get down on the page fast enough.


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Thanks Patricia for reading

Thanks Patricia for reading and commenting. I once new the answer to cats and Halloween but forgotten the exact meaning.


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I attended a Halloween event

I attended a Halloween event once organized and sponsored by the Comparative Literature department at UT-Austin where various presenters read aloud passages (prose and verse) from well-known authors (Poe, etc.) as well as those written by the participants, but I can see this poem being read at such themed event.  Thanks for sharing.