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A Wild and Crazy Ride

I've decided that middle age and puberty have a lot in common. Raging hormones, mood swings, insecurities, and fear of the unknown.

Maybe that's why I can relate so well to the middle school students at work. We're all in the same leaky boat.

The difference, of course, is the wisdom that I've accumulated since I suffered through puberty. I recognized the symptoms, and I know that this too, shall pass, but I kind of envy the kids' naivety. Ignorance can truly be bliss.

I am acutely aware of what is going on- this great change in my life has been rolling through me in waves since my early 40's. I don't know how many more supplements I can safely swallow each day, not to mask the symptoms, but to soften this blow.

Puberty wrecks havoc on your emotions as well as your body. I witness the roller coaster of bundled up emotions in my students everyday. There are smiles one day, and frowns the next. A laughing child is replaced with a sullen teen in the blink of an eye.

I try to reign in my mood swings as I clamp down on the lightning quick temper, and the unexplained tears. Journaling helps me purge the anger, and sometimes a good cry cleanses my emotions and calms me down.

I'm trying to stay open to this experience- not to shut it down, but to ride these crazy waves. To fight against it, would be like trying to paddle against the tide; it's futile and exhausting.

Instead I've put on my life jacket and I'm along for the ride of my life. Life has a way of teaching us, guiding us, and changing us, whether we want it or not. It's a wild and crazy ride, and I'm often seasick, but I know these turbulent waters of transition time will become calm and peaceful one day soon.

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As my career peaked and headed for the finish line, I hit age 50. At that point, my responsililities at home, at work, and with aging parents were climbing (imagine a spretty steep slope here), and my energy and endurance was plunging downward at roughly the same rate. All I could hope to do was to hold on tight until I could manage a viable retirement. 

It is indeed a wild ride.

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I didn't go through teenage

I didn't go through teenage upheavals or even rebellion.  I was a docile, hopeful adolescent.  So the ups and downs I am having in the past couple of years are quite scary, since it's not something I am familiar with.

Thank you for sharing this.

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Bob, You had quite a


You had quite a ride! 

Thanks for stopping by,


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Katherine, I was a good girl,


I was a good girl, too! I had some moody days, but no true rebellion.

I think it's more about how those crazy hormones wreck havoc, then add in all of life's transitions. Whew! I hope it all evens out soon.


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That boat's on a rocky sea ~

My wife went through her changes and I've gone through mine.  Now she needs heat to stave off the cold, and I need cold to keep from getting hot.  Talk about wreaking havoc with a relationship - we have daily, even hourly battles over a room's temperature.  There ain't no winners or losers, either. We're just hot and cold and sweaty.