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A Tale of Two Establishments

A tale of two popular fast food establishments and their workforce.
Both places are largely staffed with young people.
But, there the similarities end.
This evening I walked into the first establishment and was greeted in a friendly manner by the young man behind the counter. He took my order and repeated it back to me slowly and clearly. He gave me the correct change and thanked me for my patronage. 
My order was picked up a few minutes later, and despite the large volume of business, my food was prepared correctly. A good experience overall.
Later I pulled up to the second place and approached the drive through. The server's voice was muffled and she spoke very quickly. I could not understand a word between her garbled speech and the background noise. 
I pulled up and three young ladies were standing at the drive through window. One had her phone out, texting while the other two talked. The window flew open and one teen smoothed her hair and called out the amount due.
I looked on in disbelief as the girl continued to touch her hair, while another girl brought over my ice cream and all three continued their personal conversation.
The girl handed me both desserts and when I pointed out that I had ordered three, the girl shrugged and said, "we only rung up two."
I noticed a phone number on the window and as the young girl reluctantly finished my order I dialed the local number. As I pulled away I spoke to the store manager and told her how disappointed I was with whole experience.
Two completely different experiences. 

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Been there...

It always cracks me how they almost expect you to accept an erroneous order, as long as they charged you the correct amount for it.

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Ron, Agreed. Yesterday was


Agreed. Yesterday was not a day to give me 'tude. I dealt with teens full of it all day, and had been fed up with poor service.

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