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A Folly

She was a level-headed woman.

Her days filled with the busy-ness of balancing her life:

cook, housekeeper, lover, friend, sister, daughter, confidante, wife, mother.

She made it look easy, spinning all those plates.

Until the day the plates stopped turning,

and one by one, each fell to her feet,

smashed into little pieces.

Was it madness, hysteria, stupidity, or carelessness?

As she shrugged her shoulders and stepped over the debris

I saw her head lift high-

in defiance, elation, or euphoria,

I could not tell.


© annettealaine-2012

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She must have been euphoric,

She must have been euphoric, Annette. I am sure of that! m

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Mary, That's the one I left


That's the one I left out, but I believe it to be true!


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Have to say, I love this

Have to say, I love this piece, Annette. m

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Annette,    Beautiful, just


   Beautiful, just beautiful and so reminiscent of so many women who struggle through the busy-ness of their lives.  ~nan