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REVIEW: * Library Journal "The Ghost Detectives' Guide To Haunted San Francisco"
The Ghost Detectives' Guide to Haunted San Francisco

Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach and psychic detective Annette Martin offer fresh insight into the area of paranormal investigation by combining it with a conventional travel guide to haunted locations in and around San Francisco. They begin with autobiographical information and an explanation of the terms used in the text, e.g., residual haunting. Each chapter covers a specific location, such as Alcatraz, and begins with some historical background on the spot, then highlights the stories of its ghostly activity and, finally, the investigation itself. Auerbach believes in a scaled-down approach to investigating, relying mostly on Martin’s ability to communicate with ghostly visitors. The text is well illustrated with black-and-white photos taken during the investigations. The final section is devoted to traditional tourist information—location, directions, and operating hours. VERDICT This book succeeds as both an investigation into the paranormal and a travel guide. It’s well written, well organized, and informative. Solid for the adventurous traveler seeking something a little more exotic than traditional guides.—Library Journal  * Starred Review