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3 rich chics with their perfect lives until they discover a secret that will devastate their lives
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Connect your poems, stories, essays, and reviews to the right audiences by researching hundreds of literary magazines in our database. Here, you’ll find editorial policies, submission guidelines, contact information—everything you need to direct your work to the publications most amenable to your vision.JournalGenres PublishedAccepts Electronic Submissions?Accepts Simultaneous Submissions?Reading Period2River View2River ViewWe prefer poems with these qualities: image, subtlety, and point of view; a surface of worldly exactitude, as well as a depth of semantic ambiguity; and a voice that negotiates with its body of predecessors.PoetryYesNoJan 1 – Dec 3134thParallel34thParallelOur magazine features fiction, poetry, and interviews with emerging writers and artists. Recognizing the need for independent book publishers, we formed the press & magazine to platform overlooked writers. We strive to work with authors, nurturing their talent, always respecting individual creative vision rather than only considering the potential for profit. With this in mind, we publish work that experiments with and tests boundaries. We are proud members of CLMP.Poetry,
FictionYesYesJan 1 – Dec 31580 Split: A Journal of Letters580Split is most concerned with publishing that work that finds itself situated in an experimental/innovative/avant guard/hybrid tradition that causes us to stop and focus on something blurry and say wow