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A Chic Lit Authors Secret Obessions - Sad but True
3 rich chics end up in rehab with their lives ruined. They share a secret and a plan for revenge. Be afraid men very afraid...
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Authors Daily Checklist

1. Checking my Emails ... at least 4 times a day

2. Blogging on my 2 literary blogs for at least 4 hours daily

3. Networking on sites: Facebook, My Space , Twitter

4. I love adding great books I have come accross on Shelfair, LibraryThing and GoodRead

5. Writing - I write every day of my life. When I am not writing I keep a notebook and biro in my handbag and I take notes when I hear or see some interesting facts. I write for 4 hours every day.

6. For R & R I shop and cook and I am passionate and excessive in both.

shoes: I own 80 pairs

handbags: I own 50 last count

I spend an hour shopping or cooking every day.

7. I read like a professional reader. I can read a good novel in a day. I love to read with acup of tea in bed and take notes for my own writing.

8. I often fall asleep with my glasses on me and with a pen in my hand.