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The Secret World of Creativity: Connecting with the Audience

To reach an immersive state with the presence of an audience, the artist can be guided by the assumption that an audience is in search of an immersive experience. Rather than seeking merely to be entertained, people involve themselves in the arts to feel moved, to feel enhanced, to feel a part of the artistic experience. If we view the audience as needing to be entertained, we place ourselves in an external position where we need to perform for them or at them. This position not only decreases our own chances of being able to immerse in the artwork (the fear of being judged as inadequate or as a failure is too great) but also reduces the likelihood of audience participation. A natural human response to feeling force-fed is to resist. When the audience feels that the artist is just trying to entertain, they are likely to feel irritated and distanced by the effort.

Instead, a more helpful approach is for the artist to invite the audience into the immersive state. The artistic challenge is to draw the audience in. The artistic goal is to be swept away WITH the audience. Chances are, if the artist immerses in his art, the audience will follow along as long as their presence is kept in mind and factored in throughout the creative process. The performance is an attempt to communicate with the audience rather than to enterain them. The audience is drawn into the artist's space and the artist is drawn into the audience's space. This creates a mutual, shared experience that is gratifying for everyone.


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Psychology of Connection

This is a solid fundamental. In any significant connection we make with others, there is a sense of common ground. Some of the most influential people in human history can attribute their success to their ability to relate to their audience. This idea is even used by stand-up comedians who most often use scenarios with which their audience is familiar as a basis for their humor. This all alludes to the above mentioned necessity in any writing or speaking. If a reader or listener feels they have nothing in common with a speaker or an author, there will be an ineffectual distance that will deflate the message. Any artist must be willing to recognize this psychological parameter and implement it into their work if they want it to meet the goal of immersion.

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Thank you for your thoughts, Zachary!