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The Secret World of Creativity

Make Immersion the Goal.     Rather than focusing on production or performance, focus on having an immersive experience. If you focus on accomplishment, you are keeping your experience on an external, evaluative plane.  Because you are observing yourself and judging your performance by external measures, fears of inadequacy or failure are more likely to surface.  By switching your focus to internal experience, you are more likely to find a path to your creativity.     Adopt an attitude of curiosity.  What will be generated from this experience of immersion?  What will evolve?  Where will it take me?  You may decide later not to include the result in your project, but be curious to see what, if anything, is generated this time.  With this perspective, it is almost like being in the audience of a show that is about to begin.  It becomes a curious anticipation of the unknown, and today you will allow the immersive experience to do the creating.--Excerpts from STANDING AT WATER’S EDGE by Anne Paris (2008, New World Library)