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A quick note on 'fame'.
A tale of jealousy, greed, and life behind the script.

This is an excerpt from 'The Fatal Farewell' - a Hollywood mystery. The last two sentences pretty much sum up my thoughts on 'fame'.

“Okay, you poor, poor rich little famous rock star, adored by millions,” Louise’s acidic voice cut through the group. “I’m going to stop you right there. Do you think it’s easy to be a lawyer defending someone who’s going to death row on a technicality? Or being a doctor and having to tell parents that their child won’t make it through the night? Or a stock broker who misses a dip in the market because her water broke?” She stared intently at Roger, who was cowering in the corner of the sofa. Her pitch was high and she found herself unable to control it.
 “Or someone like Kari,” Louise continued. She was on a roll and didn’t intend to lose momentum. “She takes care of the discarded children no one else wants. The offspring of little maggots like you who have the sex drive but not the brains to use a condom or the guts to have an abortion.”
 “I’ve never…,” Roger tried to protest in vain.
 Louise ignored him. “You’re boohooing that your last song only had seventeen million downloads. Normal people have problems you can’t even begin to understand, and using the excuse of your so called ‘creative process’ to use drugs is just masking the fact that you’re nothing but lazy.”
 She was fuming so hard that her nostrils were flaring, her eyes were bulging and a vein was popping in her forehead. “I spent most of my working life managing the portfolios for little pricks like you. Whiny little weasels with more bucks than brains. We normal people pay for you to entertain us. You work for us. You should be kissing our behinds and just be grateful we don’t make you wear pointy shoes and hats with bells on them and make you eat table scraps we throw on the floor for you.”

Yes - I do know who Justin Bieber is. And no - my life feels neither more nor less complete knowing of him.

'The Fatal Farewell' is now available from Amazon, Powell's Books, Ingram, http://www.anneharper.myshopify.com and select bookstores.