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Better than Christmas Ham with Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes
Sending Christmas Cheer!

Here Comes Santa Claus!  Here Comes Santa Claus.  Right down Santa Claus Lane.....Christmas is right around the corner and I have maintained my sanity.  Well...you might say that.  That is if your definition of sanity is not doing the same thing over and over and not expecting different results.  I've been baking cookies and making candy and Chex party mix.  I've driven down the road, consciously blessing the people I passed along the way.  I've chauffeured my eighty-something padres up and down the aisles of Wally World.  Just somehow I've managed to feel grateful and rested and free.  This is unusual for me at this time of year, so you must know how wonderful this feels.  Maybe you don't.  Well, this is what it's like.  The crispness of the moment, my childlike hope for better, and not only a belief, but a knowing that God exists in my world.   My toes curl with gratitude.  There is such a difference when I remember not to react to crazy drivers or bored hubbies (thank goodness that I only have one) or kitty demanding her aromatic tuna water to be served on my bed.  Ben Franklin said not to squander time for that was the stuff life is made of.  These simple encounters are the stuff my life is made of, not the crazy-making siren call of Anne, the Christmas Spoiler.  This year when I'm preparing the pineapple marinade to slow-bake my spiral-sliced ham, I'll be relaxed and ready.  Ready for whatever happens next, that is.  I'll walk away from any fight I'm invited to.  When the moment of temptation arises (and you know it's bound to), I'll remember that I sent that Spoiler away to Grand Cayman this year.  Instead, the fifty-one-year old rational (Yep!) me will be stepping in this year.  It isn't the homemade fudge or the broccoli and sunflower seed salad that truly matter.  It is the precious moments we spend in the company of one another.  The best Christmas gift I can give to my family is to cherish our time together (and not revert to age thirteen at holiday gatherings).    Feliz Navidad!     ------Now, about New Year's Resolutions...

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Amen to that Anne. Have a

Amen to that Anne. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Oh Sharon, it's you!

Are you in Vancouver now?  Are you making plans to visit Sedona in 2011?  I hope we can meet then!  Merry Christmas, my friend.

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Thanks, I sooo want to get back to Sedona. Workin' on it but at the mo closest I will get next year may be Vegas, end of a golf road trip with my bro - for which I am very grateful.

Much love from Vancouver Canada.

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I did it !!!

I accomplished sanity and had a wonderful Christmas, even welcoming 3 of my sons friends from Sitka, AK.