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One thing that truly warms my heart during the Christmas season is that you can speak to strangers, greeting them with a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year, and they usually smile and respond in kind.  Of course, there are always those Bah Humbug-types who quickly avert their gaze, avoiding the...
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Ghost of Christmas Future aka My Hubby
I'm seriously pondering 2011.  Usually, I don't........think, that is.  Correction.  I mean plan.  I am not a great planner.  That is, unless there is some particularly exciting event that I'm keyed into.  Then, I'm like the finest gold-star appointment book for sale at Barnes & Noble. ...
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Sending Christmas Cheer!
Here Comes Santa Claus!  Here Comes Santa Claus.  Right down Santa Claus Lane.....Christmas is right around the corner and I have maintained my sanity.  Well...you might say that.  That is if your definition of sanity is not doing the same thing over and over and not expecting different results.  I...
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I love my life.  Signed, Kitty
Well...tomorrow my husband returns from his mother's funeral.  I cleaned house today.  I love clean floors, but it's not my calling in life, to clean them, that is.  The price we pay.  The irony.  My husband retired and got rid of the cleaning lady.  Not that she did all that much, but it certainly...
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Darling Kitty
My cat is sick.  Kitty is sixteen and has been with me through the episodes and reruns of my life.  We adopted her in Saint Louis.  Since my mother-in-law just died, I am absolutely certain than I am being condemned for speaking ill of the dead.  (Since I don't believe that God condemns in the...
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It seems like whenever my plans are interrupted (and I see javelinas!) something better than I imagined comes about.  I am so glad I did not attend my mother-in-law's funeral.  Thank you, God!  This has provided me the opportunity to spend time with my dear, sweet, little parents.  I brought them...
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We returned to Sedona on Friday.  Grandma Decker died Saturday (yesterday).  Jerry is attending the funeral alone.  I don’t want to go, frankly.  I didn’t love her and I can’t imagine myself acting so phony at the visitation and funeral.  Also, I wanted to take the motor home.  There was no reason...
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sep12MistyTerrierSalina 2010 004.jpg
I am so frustrated with WiFi.  I don’t have it at home as we don’t wish to pay more than we already pay for dial-up.  When we are on-the-road we stay at motor home parks that offer free WiFi, which I truly look forward to.  I guess you get what you pay for because this time it was going...
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Salina Sunflowers
This trip is winding down and we are preparing to leave Salina, Kansas.  On our way home to Sedona we will visit my Auntie Donna in Pueblo, Colorado.  I am really looking forward to this part of the trip as I grew up in Colorado. These fields of sunflowers are near my husband's farm.  I had never...
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"Pray for him.  He may be demented."  That's what my Dad said to me about some jerk who pissed me off at the time I was obsessing about my utter disgust for the creep.  (No.  Not my husband.)  Just kidding.  Yes.  I get mad at my husband.  But, no.  I don't think he's a jerk (most of the...
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Where did this guy sprout up from?  From seemingly nowhere appears this puny pop sensation with weird hair and an attitude.  He's Canadian, at that.  I haven't even listened to one of his songs yet (and I heard they are kinda' catchy!)... This sensation is no different from David Cassidy or that...
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September Sunset, Salina
September first.  Usually this time of year I am on my way to Grand Cayman for one final week of summer.  These trips are with girlfriends and without (other people's) children, who are back at school with their parents.  Only thing is, lately, I've had a tendency to relapse on booze and pain pills...
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