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Dec 2007

Anne Buelteman is a beginning novelist but an inveterate journal-keeper. An actor and writer who grew up in a small town near San Francisco, she performed with various groups including the San Francisco Opera, American Conservatory Theatre, San Jose Civic Light Opera and TheatreWorks, and finally, the San Francisco company of the Broadway musical Les Miserables, which played in the City for fifteen months. In her extremely late thirties, she then joined the national touring company of Les Miserables and spent more than a decade on the road, playing the U.S. (including, through a dramatic fluke explained in the pages of this novel, Broadway), Canada, Singapore, Seoul, and Shanghai. For a full explanation of why she would do such a thing, see her essay “The Glamorous Life” in the anthology Single Woman…of a Certain Age (Inner Ocean, Nov. 2005).She has been writing most of her life, from plays for her fourth and fifth grade class, to letters and bulletins to friends and family, from college days in France to adult travels over a lot of the world. She began keeping a journal on tour for mental health reasons. Apart from a couple of freelance newspaper articles, the abovementioned essay is her only published work. She continues to write, and to act in theaters in northern and hopefully southern California. She currently lives in Los Angeles, seeking roles befitting her genius, and a paycheck. Road Kill: Tales of a National Tour is her as-yet-unpublished first novel.


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