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Taking it easy

I must first of all say I ended up watching the Spielberg film, Artificial Intelligence, last night. What a load of drivel! Though the zappier parts with Jude Law in it in the middle were quite fun. On the whole, it was a rather typical Spielberg overschmalz and it would have been much better if the wretched little boy and his irritating super-teddy could have been killed at the beginning. Now that would have been interesting for sure, but in the meantime somebody pass me the vomit bucket, groan ...

Anyway, today, I am laid low by female problems (double groan ...) so have spent most of the day drooping around in a Lydia Languish manner but with a hot-water bottle and a long line of suitable painkillers. Which I'm sure Ms Languish never had. However, I was much cheered by a delicious double helping of Friends on TV at 9am, which was the usual classy bliss. How I do love Chandler and Monica - which is in truth the best and most realistic portrait of marriage on the box thus far!

I've also managed to do another 1000 words to Hallsfoot's Battle and am now about halfway through the Ancient Gathandrian Legend of Lust and Fortitude. No, I don't really have much idea what the second half of said legend is either - though it will probably be about fortitude as I've done the lust section! - but I'm hoping something will turn up in the head at some point ... Or I'll just keep on typing until it does, I suppose. As ever.

In the meantime, Lord H has hunted the buffalo in Mr Waitrose (is it me or does that seem rather rude? Oh well ...) and come back with lunch and some provisions for the week. I just about managed to get lunch down me before retiring for a two-hour nap in the bedroom, still clutching my hot-water bottle. Ah, it's so comforting in these difficult times, you know. And I really don't want to over-exert myself.

Tonight, I'm planning another slump in front of the TV but am hoping for better fayre than yesterday, please God. At least "New Tricks" is on later, so it can't be too bad. And I've got The Puzzler magazine to continue to tackle, which is quite obsessive fun. Hell, who am I kidding? Any fun I have is always obsessive ...

Today's nice things:

1. Friends on TV
2. Writing more of Hallsfoot
3. Puzzles
4. TV.

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