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Lying low and the pirate life

The unwellness continues (but hell I'm used to it by now). I've pulled out of my attendance at the Exeter work conference and have let work know, though to be honest if I'm going into the office instead, then I suspect it won't be till at least Wednesday. There's no way I'm going anywhere, even close at hand, today.

Mind you, there is hope. I've eaten a few mouthfuls of cereals for breakfast and even had a few more mouthfuls of the stuff for lunch. Plus some cheese and crisps (ah, the healthy option always appeals, don't you know) as I had a wave of absolutely shivering hunger and just had to have some salt. Any salt. That's the most balanced and regular meal plan I've had for a ruddy week. And hey it's stayed down! Not that you probably wanted to know that, but still it was big news for me ...

Plus I managed two hours' sleep from 6.30 to 8.30am this morning, and another hour from 3-4pm, double hurrahs and put out the bunting. And in each case I was actually lying down on the bed. Well, gosh. That hasn't been able to happen for a while. Interestingly however, my left eye is very sore and rather bloodshot - Lord knows why, but obviously my body isn't used to the faint concept of "well" so is trying to catch me elsewhere - so I've rubbed it with my wedding ring (gold does work on the eye, strangely), put on some eye gel and have been wearing my eye patch so I look like a pirate. Yes, I do really have an eye patch - it was recommended when years ago I had an attack of iritis (nasty - and if you ever do get iritis, DO NOT BELIEVE the doctor who comes towards you smiling with the orange high-strength eyedrops that he says won't hurt a bit. He will be lying) to give the eye an enforced rest and it also works. Equally strangely. Lordy but all I need is a parrot and a limp and the image will be complete.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Lord H coming home, though I know he has the shopping to do so will be late, and I've already had two phone calls from Mother (who loves nothing more than the concept of a sick child - she's never really forgiven any of us for daring to grow up and sending her essential nursing skills into retirement). Still, it could be worse - at least she hasn't (yet) asked me if my bowels are all right, which is something she always used to do regularly and in public when I was young. Ah the shame ...

Today's nice things:

1. Feeling ever so slightly more human
2. Being able to eat something
3. Napping.

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