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Information Point revisited ...

Up early again today as we were staffing the last Information Point for the morning as it’s the first day of term. Lots of confusion about timetables, where rooms were and also where people could get water. It’s a good question. To be honest, I didn’t feel that good, and was rather overwhelmed and shaky with it all. I’m not sure I was coping as well as last week really – the adrenalin wasn’t seeing me through, and it all felt rather hopeless and exhausting.

I was also looking forward to a much-needed reflexology appointment at lunchtime, but poor Emily’s car broke down so we’ve rearranged for next week. I just worked through lunch instead – dealing with the 53 emails in my inbox since Thursday and finally (at last!) getting the first draft of the minutes out for a meeting I had on 9 September. Which must surely be the longest ever time between a meeting and its corresponding notes. At least in Anne's World.

Still, I felt I managed to sort out some actual student queries, including taking two lovely students down to the Security office for their car permits as they’d been sent all round the houses and had been wandering about for hours, poor things. I think if I’d simply pointed and sent them away again, they might well have torn me limb from limb, and who can blame them? Thankfully, they’re now on their way to getting a permit, hurrah. And were smiling when I left them. My job here is done, Carruthers …

And now we’re also plunging into the arrangements for the poetry reading event on 27 October with Charles Christian (hello, Charles!), so I must remember to get my Literature Head on at some point. Hopefully soon. Oh, and book a restaurant for that evening – provided that the English Department can work out how many people will be going, that is. Apart from me and Charles. In which case my advice is: Run, Charles, run for the hills …

Tonight, I’m shopping at Tesco so will miss Claudia on It Takes Two, groan. (Update: Lord H videoed it for me - what a hero!). And I’m hoping to see yesterday’s video of Part One of Emma at some point. Lordy, but I deserve it. I’m not sure I’m up to any editing though. Not tonight. Oh and I've cancelled a social arrangement with Pauline on Sunday as I'm doing the Open Day on Saturday and I just need to not see anyone for a day (sorry, Pauline ...) - hope to reschedule soon.

Today’s nice things:

1. Making two students happy (Lordy, but I’m good)
2. Still having a Literature Head at all, after last week
3. TV.

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Super Anne to the rescue!

Super Anne to the rescue! Yay!

Sounds lika another busy week and weekend for you Anne. We hope you have a great evening, watching Emma. We've just discovered we can watch it as an on-demand programme on BBC iPlayer through our Sony PS3 games console! Yay! We'll be watching that tonight. :)

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... it's just more comfortable on the sofa than on the computer chair!



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Our TV is a flat screen one,

Our TV is a flat screen one, it spends it's life under our bed and gets whipped out and put at the foot of our bed to watch DVDs or play console games. I don't think I've sat on our sofa for 4 years, maybe more! LOL!

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Ah, the intimate life of

Ah, the intimate life of writers. I can't stand watching TV in bed.