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Goodbye 2009, hello 2010

Mixed feelings today at the last gasp of 2009. I've been rather upset about yet another rejection of The Gifting, this time from an e-publisher with quite a high profile. Bummer, really. They loved the writing, but hated the multiple viewpoints. Sigh. If anyone out there is keeping count (apart from me, and I have the score lines engraved on my heart like Calais, dammit), that's been a full two years of rejections for that novel, including: 11 mainstream publishers who have never had the simple decency to respond at all, not even to my ex-agent; 24 actual rejections; 3 waiting rejections. Understandably, I am now gearing up to go with Lulu as a self-publishing option next year. I just can't take the knocks. It's too damn agonising. And for that reason, I'm certainly not submitting any of the Gathandrian series to anyone else. Ever again. Best stay in a literary no-go area, self-publish quietly and have done with the damn thing. Ah well.

Anyway, thank God (who I'm not really talking to at the moment, in case anyone - or even the Good Lord himself - is interested), it's not all been weeping and wailing and OCD chocolate eating here in downtown Surrey. There has been some nice book news too this week, hurrah. The Bones of Summer was awarded Mystery Book of the Year 2009 at the Well Read Book Blog. It was also, along with A Dangerous Man, mentioned in the Guest Reviewers' 2009 choices at the Jessewave Book Blog - so many thanks, everyone, for that. In addition, Maloney's Law briefly hit the dizzy heights of Number 18 in the Amazon UK gay fiction charts - well, gosh! - and also gained a very kind 4-star review at the Goodreads site from Feliz. Thank you, Feliz - much appreciated.

And, on the birding front, we've reached the grand total of 159 birds this year - which is one more than we spotted for 2008, hurrah. I'm pleased to be able to say that our last bird spotted was the gloriousRed Crested Pochard - which gave me a big thrill as, of course, you can always rely on a redhead to up the ante. Every time.

Anyway, I hope you all have a Happy New Year, and that 2010 brings as many good things to you as it possibly can. Hell, I think we all deserve it.

Anne's website - hoping 2010 will be more of a gifting (ho ho) than 2009 has been

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New Year

Very best in the New Year to you, Anne and yours -- wen

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Happy New Year ...

... to you also, Wen! :)) Anne B