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Christmas Gifts

I'm really chuffed with the title of today's blog, I must say. And for a whole variety of reasons. First off, I'm happy to say that Two Christmases has gained another four-star rating at the Goodreads site - so thank you, Devon, for that.

I'm also equally happy to see that Salt and Gold is finally up at Amazon UK and a very reasonable price it is too. Ideal Christmas reading and, astonishingly, it can actually still be with you for Christmas if you purchase today! What could be nicer?...

And, finally on the writing front, I now have the edits back for The Gifting so I'm preparing to get my teeth into those as soon as I can. Funny how I can meander along fairly happily for ages when I'm writing, but edits have to be taken by the scruff of the neck and shaken till they give in as far as I'm concerned. Good to have something to focus on and worry away at over Christmas and New Year.

Meanwhile, goodness me but it's been jolly cold here in the shires. I went up to London after work yesterday to see Jane S-D for dinner & chat (there would have been more of us, but Jane M was snookered by a severe lack of trains from the south, and poor Anne F was ill ...), and had much fun with travel arrangements. Guildford and London seem to be the only places that didn't grind to a halt completely last night - so I was lucky to make it at all! Though I was rather started to hear, as I stood on Guildford station, that Reading was cut off from civilisation in terms of trains, and no buses or taxis were running either. Then later (much later ...), as I waited on the Northern Line platform at Waterloo, the rather charming platform announcer told us that the Northern line northbound trains would run as far as they could and then stop but he couldn't tell where that might be due to adverse weather conditions, and he therefore wished us good luck and God speed. How very courteous indeed. I certainly needed all the God speed I could muster as I slid my way across Trafalgar Square, which appeared to have turned into an ice rink. And I was wearing trainers, so goodness knows how the ladies in high heels were managing. At the end of the night, I came back via the Piccadilly Line - which was lucky as the Northern Line was apparently closed by then. And, strangely, there was once again no snow in Guildford. Perhaps we have become the eye of the storm?

As a final thought for today, Lord H and I have been much amused by a recent cartoon showing the Three Wise Men at the nativity scene. One of them is saying to the other: "Yes, I do happen to think that our journey is absolutely necessary ..." How very apt, on so many levels.

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