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Anne Born's Writings

I caught sight of a morning moon,hanging low in a clear     sky blue sky. I saw it over the bail bonds office      and that real estate place that's never open. I look up at the planestaking the sky from you     as you watch back at The newspaper guycatching up with his friends Supplicants on their wayto...
Urban Bus Anthology
On the Concourse It’s still now, Between midnight and daylight And all I hear is the wind. The tree across the street drags its branches across the bricks Empty plastic bags rustle across the sidewalk. But past that, there’s another layer A circle away from me Where the sound of tires on concrete Rises and falls as cars come and go Their lights pulling across my...
  What must daybreak be like when you’ve slept all night on a bench on the park, Surrounded by the cool breeze off the river, covered by tall trees, Your stolen grocery cart in front of you, filled with all those plastic bags?   I can’t shelter you.   On my way to work, off the bus, wearing my clean clothes and my favorite shoes, carrying breakfast...