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Dec 2011

I write for regional papers and on-line magazines with specific focus. Included are: Parenting NH,The Senior Times, Goldivas.com, More.com, The Jewish Journal, and the Pepper Tree Literary Magazine.

I post and blog on Open Salon as Ande Bliss. I have been a guest writer for Mature Years and Good Old Days. My essays have been included in two anthologies, Write from the Heart; the Pepper Tree Press and as it is written...II; The Gulf Coast Writers.

Prior professional experience was limited to marketing and persuasion. I majored in English Literature and Creative Writing in college. It is only recently, that I have been able to dig inside my trove of personal recollections and find the courage to write about them. The following is a quote from Occupying the Kitchen. (It has also been published as: All the Women in my family were famous for something)

"I have no recipes to leave but I have stories, essays and poems about my ancestors. Some have to do with their journey to the new world, some are about their special talents. I write about their prowess, their passion and their progeny. We all want to be remembered for something and while fame is fleeting a good story lasts forever"

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