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Who am I ?!

Who am I in this life full of Order Pride and Sorrow?!

Who am I in this Oblivion life ?!

Who am I considering Death to be my second chance to survive?!

Who am I?! Just tell me:who am I ?! 

And I would like to ask You same questions!  

  Are you a woman or a man?! Are you an animal or bird?!

Are you the trees or skies above...?!

Just tell me: who you are

and I shall tell you my name of Life!                              

     Ditya Grozy (The Child of Thunderstorm)

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Who am I?

How do I think people view me?

I think people view me as strong, not one to overindulge in emotion. Are they so blind they do not see the tears well into my eyes whether happy or sad? Can they not comprehend that I sometimes feel so weighed down with emotion that I nearly collapse? I am so weak and afraid sometimes I don’t know which direction I’m taking. Square off those shoulders, face what needs facing, fall apart later….alone.

Once I knew a Lakota Sioux medicine man..or so he claimed. He told me my totem animal was the wolf, and, indeed, I had experiences with visions of wolves…which I can’t explain. What does it mean? To be a wolf? All I know is that when overwhelmed with emotion, the wolf vision has been known to appear, for what purpose, I know not….except that afterwards, I can pick up the pieces and find purpose again. Whatever it is, it renews my life….

People view me as reliable and trustworthy…with which I concur. I am that, and wish to be viewed as that…but with the view, also comes the responsibility. More weight…“You will learn more, you will do more and be happy about it. We know you can do this, Laura.” I wish I had such a positive vision.

How do I view myself? A free spirit..live and let live, love and be loved, flitting here and there with no concern, smiling at the shining moon. I don’t care about money or material things overly much, I have no real goals in relation to those things…My goals lie more in the direction of people, though I staunchly claim to be an introvert.

I love people in all their moving to and fro, their ups and downs, their likes and dislikes. I have discovered, that people everywhere are basically the same. Maybe different cultures, yes, but there are good people and bad, they love and hate, they work hard and are lazy. Each culture, though outwardly different, reflects a sameness in its spectrum of people. We all feel fear at times. We are all sad at times, and happy. We are all the same at the most basic levels.

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I am impressed!

I agree with you in many statements!It was very interesting for me to read your sincere letter, especially about your animal totem!I have great interest in it!I'd like to know my totem as well..but in our country there are no Navaho or other Mexican tribes of indians!Your letter is full of truth and pain,but I love your letter,it is close to my life and soul!Muchas gracias!:) P.S. Write me everytime,please!I am glad to read your poems and your thoughts!