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Did you know that we are like flowers?!

Everything is predictable in our lifes..All you need to predict things is to look in somebody's eyes...Did you know that we are like flowers: every man and woman is something special and inimitable,like all alive in the planet Earth!Everybody is like a gorgeous flower,tree,bird or animal...Just look in eyes of somebody and look for assosiations. My mother says that I am like black  panther.May be,she is right - who knows!  Every man in the world has its colour( for example,like aura or colourtherapy),has its sound in the soul(a song or music).I feel by my heart that my colour is lilac,blue,lightgreen!My sound is 2 or 3 songs and compositions(the group "T.Rex"-The Slider and Nick Drake-the song "Day is Done", and A.Vivaldi - "Winter.Allegro").My flower is blue Japanese rose.My tree is an oak.My animals are:a wolf,a dolphin,a dog and a horse.My bird is a raven and a seagull(an albatross).                                                                I would like to ask your souls: "Do you know the same about yourself?!" ,"Did you ask yourself the same questions?!"                                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                                                                                   Ditya Grozy.


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My Soul

Hey, Thanks for dropping by and reading my poem. My soul is blue, my music anything with a Celtic lilt or native american drums & flute. My flower is the sunflower and my tree is the oak as well. My animals are wolves, hawks and orb weavers. My soul bears these connections.

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It is fantastic!

Thank you a lot for your sincere comment!I am happy that we have much in common!I also love Celtic music!

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I thank you too!

Hi Anna, I thank you, too, for your comments.  It always helps when others see your work and finds something worthwhile in it. 

 I looked at your painting as well.  You are very talented.  As a child, I often wanted to be an artist, a painter.  I worked at it, but it never developed beyond my childhood capabilities.  Instead, I chose to paint pictures with words.  That seems to work better for me.

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I am happy to read your reply!!!

Thank you a lot for your compliment to my painting!It is really important to me!As you know,I am Ukrainian,that's why I have a lot of stories and poems in Russian and several in Ukrainian!Soon,I hope,I'll print to this site my another English poems and stories!I hope you'll come to read them!Do you have another poems?I have a burning desire to read them all!Your style is great and it is full of your inner feelings!Please,visit me - MentovaTimchenko Anna and my mama - Mentova Larissa on art site http://artnow.ru/en/searchpage.html Here you can leave comments and scores to our artworks!Mail me :anna_mentova@mail.ru