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Monday, April 7, 2008
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Words cannot describe how incredibly excited I feel at this very moment! Tomorrow after school ( I'm an 8th grader at JM )  and after my singing lesson at Red House ( the music school ! ) I have Rock Choir auditions!! Oh my god, oh my god! I'm so anxious! 


 For the auditions we have to sing Bridge Over Troubled Water ( by Simon & Garfunkle )  in three-part harmony.. I'm a Soprano 2 !  I LOVE that song.   I wonder who I'll be paired up with?! 

Even more exciting, my 16 measures I have to show off my vocal skills! Eep! How could I wait?  

It's funny, I barely knew anything about Simon & Garfunkle before this. They look like close buddies.  

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Keep Singing!

Hi, Anna! I remember choir and band being the best times when I was in school. I ended up being in both all the way through college. I hope you'll stay as excited about it as you are now and keep doing it! And, of course, that you'll keep us posted on your Red Room blog about how it's going. Welcome!

Huntington Sharp, Red Room


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How did the audition go?

I’ve been meaning to write this for a week, and this thing called “job” has been keeping me plenty occupied. Just want to drop by and say hi. This might sound really old, but when I was in junior high, I too had very many things floating in my head like I read in your intro. The only regret is that I wrote them down on paper and somehow lost everything. Blog them, tell your story to the world, you will be amazed, and if you are fortunate enough, maybe they would too.

Renjie Wang      redroom.com